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Academic Support
Guidance with Homework


This service is available during the school year for students in grades four through high school and early college. Academic coaches guide students in practicing the following:


  • Understanding assignment requirements

  • Organizing binders and backpacks

  • Establishing study systems

  • Planning for honors and AP level classes

  • Monitoring grades online (if available)

  • Setting and evaluating progress toward goals 

  • Communicating with teachers and parents

  • Maximizing technology use

Parent support is also provided.

Transitions: Summer at TiPP


Students transitioning into grades three through high school and early college review the past school year’s basics in critical reading and writing to ensure mastery in preparation for the upcoming school year. Focusing on grade-level appropriate activities and continued skill development ensures that students are engaged, challenged, and ready for a new school year. Each student meets 1:1 (private), 1:2 (collaborative pair), or 1:3 (collaborative group) online with Mrs. Prell, Academic Coach.

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