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2022-23 School Year Information

BEGINS Tuesday, September 8, 2022

Every child deserves an edge.

Mrs. Prell, a highly qualified educator who taught in the classroom for over 21 years, currently works with students ONLINE. As an Academic Coach, she can support your child academically and provide enrichment opportunities while building scholarly attributes throughout the year!

Sessions are open to students in fourth grade through high school and early college.


To promotes critical thinking

  • Academic Discussions

  • Book Talks

  • Current Events Discussions

  • Informal Chats

  • Storytelling

  • Reading

  • Technology in Academics

  • Vocabulary Development

  • Word Play

  • Writing

Daily Academic Guidance

To develop independent and motivated learners

  • Academic Goal Setting

  • Accountability

  • Communication

  • Study Systems

  • Interpretation

  • Inquiry

  • Organization

  • Technology Integration

TiPP Environment

Designed to Nurture Students


The TiPP studio is perfect for students.

  • Peaceful Study Areas

  • After-School Refreshments

  • Multiple Resources

  • Space for small Study Groups

  • Credentialed Educators
    as part of your support team!

NOTE: The TiPP studio is currently closed due to recent events.

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