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Hello! I'm Coach Darian...

Everyone deserves a quality education!

  • Orange County School of the Arts (OCSA)  (11th Grade) 

  • Board Member of California Scholarship Federation (CSF) 

  • Member of the National Honors Society (NHS) 

  • 2 Years for OCSA Mock Trial 

  • 4.5 GPA (Weighted) 

  • Score of 5 on AP World History Exam 

  • Score of 4 on AP Art History Exam

Fun Facts: 
  • History/English Nerd 

  • I love to bake! 

  • Cheesecake is my absolute favorite!

Academic Coaching

  • Social Studies/History (Kindergarten-11th Grade) 

  • English Language Arts/English (Kindergarten-12th Grade) 

  • Reading Comprehension Skills 

  • Constructing the Powerful Essay 

  • Advanced Placement (AP) Courses Study Skills and Exam Preparation 

  • Basic Note Taking and Study Skills 101

  • Science (Kindergarten-9th Grade) 

  • Art History/AP Art History 

  • AP World History/World History 

  • AP US History/US History 

  • Resume and Cover Letter Workshops 

  • Oral Presentations 101

1:1 (Private)
Online on Zoom
  • $25 per hour (Kindergarten-7th Grade)

  • $30 per hour (8th grade-12th Grade)


Please contact Darian about rates for in-person academic coaching.

Contact Info

cell.(949) 899 3744 (preferred)

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